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How can I be 14 Years Old?

I was shocked to be reminded this week that I will be 14 this Thursday! Is 14 the new 6 these days? I don’t feel 14, I still can run if I feel like it, went swimming in the pool Sunday for an hour, still learning new tricks and being the delight of my person. I even got to go kayaking the other day. Now is that something an old dog would do? I think someone is not being truthful to me.

I got all my check ups this week, heart,spleen,liver,kidneys,and lungs. All came out looking good and even my blood work was pretty good. Had my 9th chemo today. I am still doing the treadmill thing twice a week and then every two to three weeks I go see Dr. Wall in the Woodlands for extra rehab stuff including the whirlpool which is not my favorite. I get stretches every night and massaged and lots of loving.

Wonder what my person is going to do for my burfday. I hope I get pupcakes and frozen yogurt. Bet I have to share with the other dogs in my family but that’s okay, we will call it a party so we all have to share!Wish you all could come and pawty with me!




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  1. zip – we’ll celebrate for you here in ET!!! sounds like you are in the prime of your life, enjoying the moments!! way to ‘get it done’!!!

    charon & gayle

    etgayle - April 27th, 2011 at 11:58 pm      Reply

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