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Another Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Dog Blog

Looking Good!

It has been 6 months since I parted company with my right rear leg and to say it has been an up and down adventure would be taking puns to a new level but hey, I am doing well so new level here I come! I got my heart echo yesterday and that is doing well, even a bit better than last time, all my insides are so pretty says Dr. Charla Jones and then today before my number 7 chemo, Dr. Raquel Brown and staff did my blood work and my chest radiographs and I am clear of mets and my liver enzymes are down!!!  My entire family and family friends had been praying real hard for this news. I got lots of treats on the ride back to my person’s office and then had frozen yogurt later on to also celebrate!

My back and some leg muscles do give me a twinge at times and some days I am more like a ‘low-rider’ than a sports car but I can live with that. Dr. Rick Wall and Dr. Kathy Van Winkle always remind me that there are hills and valleys to go through and with the amount of movement I have in my tail end, I will have some pain. Well, a girl has to strut her stuff sometimes even if she pays for it later, right girls?

I think the acupuncture and trigger point therapy is really helping me but I could do without the whirlpool. Think I like the treadmill even better than the bubbly bath though I do get to get all the people around me wet also. My person’s mom got so soaked last week that she had to go to the grocery next door and buy a tee shirt to wear home. I did feel a little bad but I also laughed to myself too! I did share her Arby’s afterwords so guess she wasn’t too mad at me. Sandra and Megan help me on the treadmill in Austin and Kari helps me in The Woodlands. I get lots of sweet talking encouragement.

Got to catch up with the feline tripawd the other day at the other place I sometimes stay and boy is that kitten fast. Wonder what he would be like with 4 paws?  He is not very good at soccer but he can certainly climb the curtains well and get into the African Violets.

Well that’s all for now. I hear a chew bone calling my name or it could be the ridgeback snoring again.

Thanks for checking in.



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