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5 and 6

Five months and celebrating plus 6 chemos under her collar, Zip has a few things to say.

Hey, I didn’t get my frozen yogurt!! Of course it was an almost unheard of day with temperatures ranging from 23 to 18 that day and wind with one gust of 62mph. Maybe there will be a raincheck? I’m feeling good for the most part. Some days I don’t want to eat too much or get up because I hurt but then there are other days where the squirrel population of Austin better watch out! I get some good treats when I leave treadmill place but I blew it the other day and begged when my person picked me up rather than her mom. She figured out I was looking for treats and that wasn’t when I usually get them from her. Bye, bye treats!

I get to go back down and see my friends in The Woodlands next week for more torture by electric needles, treadmill,and finally, the whirlpool. Next time I get to take my good buddy Steel with me and he gets to be checked out and share in my torture a bit. I’m only playing when I say torture, I get some mighty good treats afterwards so it really isn’t too much to put up with plus, they say all sorts of sweet things to me.

I got a good report from my cardiologist and my blood work was okay though my BUN could be lower and one of my liver enzymes could be lower, everything was about what it was last month. I’m happy so I don’t worry.

I guess that is all for now but someone remind my folks about the frozen yogurt okay?


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  1. congrats on five months and six chemos…sounds like you are ‘getting it done’ in style, hope those liver #s get back where they need to be, but i wouldn’t worry either. didn’t see mention of medicinal napping – don’t be slacking on those naps, they make the treats taste even better.

    gayle & charon

    etgayle - February 7th, 2011 at 2:14 pm      Reply

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