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Well, who needs a spleen anyway!

Such a happy face! Pieces of me are going all over the place. I hope they used enough tape to keep everything in place. Boy, was I glad to get out of that place. Every time I nap, something else is gone. Next time I will sleep with one eye open! My appetite has not kicked back in yet and I have some discomfort but nothing like when I lost my leg. Guess there is another kind of yucky stuff they are going to put in me sometime soon. Hope I don’t get too sick. I really did well on the other one but it didn’t keep working. Oh well, guess I will go take a nap and worry about that another time. Night-night.


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  1. zip your a dashing fellow. It looks like you’ve got lots of friends to help you out. Glad your home. Rest up and have a nice bowl of chicken broth for your mom.

    tombi - June 5th, 2011 at 1:21 pm      Reply
    • Thanks Kess. I am actually a girl dog but I do have one of those names that can go either way but I don’t care. I saw your blog and boy am I proud of you! I used to do agility and obedience and had a good long run of it but since I turned 14 and lost my leg last year I spend my time looking cute at the animal shelter,[my person works there] going on walks and doing my visits to see the humans at their hospital. I find that I get out of shape real fast and right now my back end is a bit weak. I can’t go back on the treadmill till Thursday or back down to see my rehab and pain guy until next week so man am I going to have some work cut out for me! I am not looking forward to whatever new chemo they have cooked up for me but I hope it won’t be worse than all the last 9 doses. I know what you mean about getting goodies when you go places. I make out at the hospital and would do even better if you know who, the one with the thumbs, would let me have more. They have Cheetoes there!! You go out and kick some dust in those other dogs noses and remember, with border collies, even 3/4’s is too much energy for most dogs! Get’em!

      bordergirl4 - June 5th, 2011 at 9:59 pm      Reply
  2. Zip,
    Glad you are home! Take lots of naps and hope you feel like eating soon.

    daisy2010 - June 3rd, 2011 at 10:54 am      Reply
  3. bless your little heart!!! we highly recommend up-ing your number of medicinal naps…but do make sure they don’t take anymore ‘pieces’ while your asleep. so glad you are home and hope you feel like eating a little something soon. we’re pulling for you zip!!!

    charon & gayle

    etgayle - June 2nd, 2011 at 4:25 pm      Reply

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