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Three days till #4 chemo

Dec. 5

I had this blog written and then my paw hit something and it all ran away! I am really barked about that!

Okay, what I was saying is that the last week  has been pretty good. I got to go to see Dr. Charla Jones and her very cool tech Aaron and have movies made while I waited of all my insides. I hope they noticed my really empty tummy, need more treats! Everything looked good except my BUN was high, if they would give me a hotdog it would help to hold it down. I don’t know why they don’t see they connection, instead they have cut my heart medicine in half but now because of the next one being even higher, I am off of it. Now I take only 24 pills a day instead of 25. Speaking of pills, something very fishy is going on. I can’t smell which treat has the pills in them anymore and the treats are cold on the inside. You don’t think they are putting them in the refrigerator so I can’t smell them in my treats do you? Hmmmm…

I went down to see Dr. Wall on Thursday and while I was in the parking lot there were these 5 cocky birds and I just couldn’t help myself. I RAN at them and chased them away. My owner was amazed and laughing at me. It’s no big deal, I have been saving myself for the right time and those cocky killdeers needed a border collie reminder of who is on top of the food chain!

Dr. Wall found three places on my back that have  been hurting and  really helped them! I go back on Friday and have more whirlpool, dry needling, laser and cow barking! That’s the best part! I think I overheard them saying that I might go on their water treadmill kind of like I do here in Austin. I hope not because I do that again tomorrow and it is so boring, nothing to see but the inside of a room. Maybe that handsome great dane will be there again tomorrow. Speaking of big dogs, I did something that really scared my person. I was in a down[yes, I broke it but she forgave me] when this mastiff came strolling by. I charged him and barked right up at him, he was nice and just wagged his tail and wanted to be friendly. Cool, huh? Rachel didn’t know I could move that fast but I have been doing more things like the preamp days  because this is my best week, the one before chemo. I can’t have it every three weeks because my WBC goes too low, so I do it once a month but that’s fine as much as I like going to see all my friends at the specialty place, I really don’t like going at all!

Well, I’m ready to call this day done except for my last out for the day so I’ll talk with you all again after my chemo on Wednesday. I have a human friend who is 6 and she is having chemo too. I write to her but I can’t go see her even though I am a hospital therapy dog. She’s having a bone marrow transplant on the 8th so send some prayers up for her,okay?


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  1. yikes, can’t believe how you go after the big guys!! best wishes and juju coming your way for your next chemo and for your little friend having a bone marrow xplant too. paws crossed you guys get all better and can spend some therapy time together soon!!!!

    charon & gayle

    etgayle - December 6th, 2010 at 2:15 pm      Reply
    • Thanks, I more worry about her than me, she’s tiny and I’m not. I like the way you are always so pawsitive with your comments. I play with blabs all the time. They are funny but sometimes stinky like pond water. I love it! Do you like pond water?

      bordergirl4 - December 7th, 2010 at 1:51 am      Reply

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