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Another Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Dog Blog

The Gang

Thought you might like to see my gang. We are a lively group but I don’t run and play with many of them anymore because they can knocked me down so I’ve been promoted to supervisor of the gang. I am their leader and the handsome guy just left of me is Ace and he is second-in-command. I came first and then Ace. We have lived with each other and next door to each other[in college] and now we live across town but we still see each other over at my person’s parent’s house. Oh, I am the cutie second from the right on the wall. This was taken right before my amputation on a really hot Texas summer day. I was sooooo glad when this was over!!

Okay, let me tell you who is who. From left to right on the wall is Mia, we have issues, then Ace, me. then Captain, I go to therapy pet pals with him to the hospital, he’s a good guy but he steals my bones. On the ground from left to right is Killa, my roommate and a really okay blab, I call them that because they are black labs and they talk lots. Next is Safari, she is a Ridgeback who thinks she is a lap dog and likes to counter surf, muy big trouble for that! Next is Torque, another roommate who like his father can dive to the bottom of the pool to fetch things, cute kid. Next is the dad to Killa and Torque, Steel.  He is a really talented hunt test and field test dog  who is afraid of just about nothing. He lives with my person’s sister cross town, rommie of Ace. Next is Soliel and she lives with me also. She’s cool too, doesn’t say much just likes to hang out and have fun at the pool. The last one is the pup of the group, o’ Slider. He is really large but really good at field trials, likes to hold those ducks in his mouth but is very gentle except sometimes he doesn’t know where all his body parts are and he bumps things. He lives with Steel and Ace.

Lots of good times with the gang but now I’m tired so think I will catch up on my napping. Had a rough weekend.  Oh, I am the only tripawd dog here in our family and everyone is real proud of me.  I think I hear my pillow calling, good night.


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  1. sweet dreams mr. zip!! what a big family, it would be tiring to try to keep up with all those guys. now let me get that straight…who’s on first, what’s on second and i don’t know’s on third…..

    gayle & charon

    etgayle - November 30th, 2010 at 10:12 pm      Reply
  2. Hey Best Border Bud,

    You might be the tripawd but dang, girl, how’d you figure out the typing thing?? I think if you showed me that trick we might take over the world.


    Ace - November 30th, 2010 at 6:14 pm      Reply

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