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Treadmill Queen

This is me being ‘needled’

Well, I am up to 20 minutes twice a day for about a mile. I do nap between my two sessions but boy howdy, I am getting tired of wet fur! I have to do this three times a week and  they don’t seem to understand that it takes me quite awhile to groom my fur and I have lots! I still am a bit sparse over my missing leg and on my back. Someone said the chemo might be what is slowing down the regrowth but other areas are coming back nicely. I had my blood count done yesterday but no one has told me yet how well I did. My person got a little worried because I had some of that eye junk in my eyes the other day and some vets feel that could be an earlier warning of undetectable lung mets. I think I have a little allergy like some of my other dog friends.

I go back to see Dr. Wall in the Woodlands today for more needling, trigger release, lasering and whirlpool. Hope the water is warm today cause there is a chill in the air here.

Hope to see some cows to bark and  get lots of face rubbing and treats and a NAP on my long trip down and back. I have to go to work when I get home so it will be a long day. Tell you more about it later. Bye.


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  1. we love getting the ‘needles’, but i don’t know about that water treadmill…you are really getting the treatment. hope your blood work is OK. the chemo sure can take a toll, but you’ll get through it – and if you’re like me, you get a big party with ice cream and cheese when it’s over!!! keep taking those medicinal naps, that’s the best part of all!!!


    etgayle - November 18th, 2010 at 2:39 pm      Reply

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