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Chemo # 3

Nov. 14

My WBC [wonderful border collie] numbers were 4900 so I got my chemo on the 3rd. My liver enzymes, one of them, is starting to go back up so my owner wasn’t happy about that but otherwise I did okay. I think I haven’t felt quite as good in my tummy this time but all in all I am doing okay. My appetite is not as strong so that worries you-know-who. I went back to the Woodlands to see the pain and rehab vet. I really didn’t like some of it this week, it hurt! I am also going three days a week here in Austin to do this silly thing called underwater treadmilling. It would  more fun if they at least put up a movie of a squirrel running in front of me. Now that would inspire me! My mouse, Tiny Hat died and I felt sad. He had his wheel that went so fast sometimes he would go upside down. I have a new mouse named Cinnamon Saddle, guess why!

Well, I am more weak in my backside this week and they are wondering if I am exercising too much. That treadmill is tiring but it’s supposed to make me stronger. I hope it helps soon.

We are looking forward to Wyatt coming to visit. I wonder if he will wear his six-shooter like Wyatt Earp did in those western my person’s grandfather used to watch. That would be way cool. I hope to be able to meet Fortis also. He looks like a real hunk!

Got to get up early to go put in my hours tomorrow. Bye for now.



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