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No Chemo this Week

Well, my WBC was way low this week, 1870 but the good news my liver enzymes were coming down so it was a trade off. My oncologist was not too worried because she said it was about the same percentage as last time. I am one of those dogs that take a double dip so I get my next chemo next week. She also said she went to a conference where a vet gave a paper on his findings that dogs who WBC goes real low are responding better to the carbo. She says she is not too certain about his findings but it is an interesting report.  I also was “mapped” and I have no new tumors, just more lypomas, what ever those are, I think it means I have hidden jelly pockets!

I got to go back to the “spa” today but the current in the needles didn’t feel too good today. Next week they are going to show my person how to do it. I did like my whirlpool and I have ‘show and tell’ pictures for you all! I slept a good bit on the three hour trip home but I also got to bark at some cows, I really like that! They move away from the car so fast you would think they were flying!  Hope we see some more next week when I go back!


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  1. zip, you are much braver than me – no way would i let somebody lower me into a bottomless pit of rushing water!!! geesh, you really are getting the treatment!! next time, give the cows a bark for me too.


    etgayle - November 6th, 2010 at 1:43 pm      Reply

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