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Another Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Dog Blog

Happy New Tripawd Day!

Zip got to meet the latest members of the family today and one of them is a tripawd kitten. He had his leg removed because of an injury about 7 days ago. He was going up for adoption when he was spotted and Zip’s person and she made certain he got checked out by her parents. Instead of going home with one new kitten we now have 2! Photos will be coming soon.

Zip goes for chemo number 5 tomorrow. She seems a bit weak but she has not been going to the Woodlands the last couple of weeks for her therapy. Don’t know if she will have lungs done tomorrow or just blood and chemo. She is going for more therapy on Thursday. When she got weak in the back end last time it was because some muscles were really tightening up and having spasms. After a couple of needling sessions and lasers she got pretty good. Of course the imagination goes for a field trip anytime there is a hint of something wrong but that is one of the beauties of journaling you can look back and see similar situations.

Now a word from Zip: I got to meet the kittens,  they are okay if you like that kind of animal. My heart does go out to the little tripawd, only 4 months of having a front leg and long leg. Maybe it’s better this way, he’ll learn to manage then it will seem normal to him. I am getting more accustomed to it but goodness, hard to scratch that one ear!

Talk to you after chemo/therapy.


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