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Last Chapter here but not Forever

Wonder how different life would be if there was no cancer or suffering. Zip is now enjoying that as a fact right now. As we said good bye here on earth she was tearing across a field to say hello to her future.

There is no way to neatly sum up her life here on earth. As I walk around my house, where she didn’t really live except for several brief spans of time, I see how things are different because of her. I have a few more rugs down which the rest of the older dogs like, I have a chair turned to look out the french doors at the birds and the squirrels that continue to entertain us on the “squirrelavision”. I have water bowls in more than one place, some set higher to accommodate those with sore backs , nonslip skids on the wooden stairs, battery-operated massagers, many more dogs treats and dog treat cookbooks on my shelves, and so many photos of cute expressions and sweet situations.

Whereas these are the tangible and visual things the unseen and heartfelt changes seem so much more real. As strange as this might sound, as a woman of my age and life experiences, this little dog has caused me to feel and think about some things that needed examining in my own life. In some ways she lived out my faith better than I ever have. She was forgiving when I might hold a grudge, she was accepting of those very different from me, though not everyone was her friend and rightfully so, she gave most people the chance. Her acceptance of me, of my struggles and moods was more than I even give my sweet husband. She wasn’t a saint, as no dog is. She had to learn some things the hard way, such as shredded tissues in the garbage can, but even then her actions were not out of meanness but out of fun and boredom. Her loyalty to her companion, my daughter, was unquestioning, even at the end when she wagged her tail and tried to crawl off the table to get to her.

Zip was Rachel’s ‘dog of her heart’. Went to work at the animal shelter everyday, was in charge of morale , went to watch over the horses, check out cows, swim after anything, had an unbelievable knowledge of words and names, did search and rescue, was the vet school demo dog at times, supervised a house full of lab puppies and numerous kittens and dogs at the shelter found their way to her office. Was a Therapy Pet at the local hospital where the favorite thing that was requested of her was her ‘be a lady’ trick and she happily complied.

To have watched her over the last 18 months go through every kind of treatment and chemo and physical rehab with courage and willingness was a true witness of the sweetness of her heart. She loved her life and those who helped her. We were blessed to have everyone around her loving her and weeping over her in her last moments. From her family to the staff at Heart of Texas oncology department, we  said our reluctant good byes for now and sent her off covered with tears of love and our blessings. A lady always knows when to leave and she did it with grace and dignity. Happy trails, pretty lady, our love for you never dies but will last till we see you again.



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  1. So beautifully written! I often wonder who gets more out of the dog/human relationship. I feel like I’ve learned more from them than they will ever learn from me.

    I am so sorry about your losing Zip. But Charon is right, love never ends, and the lessons she taught you will last YOUR lifetime.

    Nancy & Butchey

    doggiemomma9 - October 15th, 2011 at 8:57 pm      Reply
    • Thank you for your note. We are reminded of Zip daily and some of the things are harder to handle than others but it is a sweet hurting. I can’t speak for Zip but I am certain that I learned much more from her than she did from me except I could control the treat bag coming back from the vet and yet as I think about that, she got me to give her more than I would normally give, hmmm, I ‘ve been had by a border collie again!

      bordergirl4 - October 17th, 2011 at 2:00 pm      Reply
  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

    The lives of our loved ones are far too short. But in the few years that Zip spent on this planet, it’s clear she touched so, so many people, including the Tripawds commnity. What a gift she has left behind to all those who knew her.

    May her lessons about love, forgiveness, bravery and joy, live on in everyone’s hearts, forever. Run free Zip.

    jerry - October 2nd, 2011 at 11:06 pm      Reply
  3. what beautiful words! what a wonderfully written tribute to a true tripawd warrior princess. i know that zip is up there with my chili dawg- i’m sure he took one look at her and fell in love with her and is showing her around to all the good places. zip had a great life and knew nothing other than love. hugs to you. i know how hard this time is for you.

    jenna and spirit chili dawg

    chilidawg - September 26th, 2011 at 8:13 pm      Reply
  4. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. We learn a lot from our sweet pups during this unwanted cancer journey…love, loyalty, courage, resilience, grace and dignity which in my mind is the definition of a hero. Zip is now running free with all the heroes that have gone before her. Until you meet again…
    Hugs and chocolate kisses,
    Ellen & Charley

    Charley's Mom - September 25th, 2011 at 6:27 pm      Reply
  5. What a beautifully written expression of your love and appreciation of your special tripawd girl. To have such a wonderful relationship is priceless. Your words are great reminder of why we call them our best friends.
    Sending warm, healing thoughts to you and your daughter….
    Rebecca and Rumbles

    rumblesmom - September 25th, 2011 at 4:11 pm      Reply
  6. Love from the spirit of Indiana and his mom Carol
    Oh sweetie ~ you write with such love & beauty ~ so special is Zip’s story… You had him for such a long time after surgery and enjoyed & embraced his love for during that time… My heart breaks for you as I write with many tears. It has been 3 + months since my sweet Indiana has become a tripawd angel after beating the odds for 17 months. Zip and Indy will be happy buddies and will ve with all of the other sweet angels. They will all run free and enjoy their life flying high above the universe. Zip was so handsome & had so much love in his face… I know the bond you had with him was so strong. We will keep their spirits close as they watch over us. We are the ones that need the comforting prayers now — – Thank goodness for our tripawd family!! Sending you a great big hug!

    Much love,
    The Spirit of Indiana’s mom ~ Carol~

    Indiana's mom - September 25th, 2011 at 12:35 pm      Reply
    • I am so sorry – I know that she was a sweet and beautiful girl!!! I hit reply too soon once I realized I wrote him!! I have been writing alot about my Indy boy & am used to writing “him”!!
      Please read “she” wherever I wrote “he”, etc. and replace handsome with beautiful!!! Hugs!!!

      Indiana's mom - September 25th, 2011 at 12:38 pm      Reply
  7. Thank you for your sweet words, they do help.

    bordergirl4 - September 25th, 2011 at 1:37 am      Reply
  8. what beautiful words. we are all better, because you shared zip with us. she lived life with dignity, something we can all strive to do. hugs to you during this sad time, love never ends.

    charon & gayle

    etgayle - September 24th, 2011 at 11:05 pm      Reply

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