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Is Zip Stuck?

My week has been pretty good. Got to swim twice in the “cement pond” out back and had a grand time chasing the pool sweep. Caught it a couple of times and didn’t even get scolded!

My back leg seems to be a bit weaker this week or at least that what my person thinks. I work out twice a day on the wobble board and take some short walks but recently I have had to sit down  more on our walks. Maybe my leg is sore or my muscles are tired but it has my person worried. I have been eating but not with lots of enthusiasm maybe my tummy isn’t too happy. I am off my Deramax now because my liver enzymes were too high and we are hoping that was the problem. I am also off my Tagamet so maybe that is why my appetite is not so good. It has been almost 4 weeks since my last chemo so why is my appetite not as strong?   All my ultrasounds [they sure do tickle and no one will scratch for me] of my liver, lungs, spleen, kidneys and intestines were good and my heart is okay . I keep being asked to answer these questions but shoot, I don’t know, I just want some more squirrels to come by my windows! That’s the real question, where have all my squirrels gone?

Well, think of me on Wednesday when they take my blood again and hopefully I can get more of that cancer-killing juice.

One more thing, did you know that minnows like flour tortillas? Saw it with my own eyes today down at the lake. Pretty cool.

Yippee! I get my own PT on Tuesday…. is that good? What is a PT?

Good-woof to you all,



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